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GREATCOOL roll bond evaporator/refrigerator part/fridge evaporator

GREATCOOL roll bond evaporator/refrigerator part/fridge evaporator
FOB Price

US $5.00500 - 100,000 piece

group name
Roll Bond Evaporator
Min Order
500 piece
brand name
GREATCOOL fin type condenser & evaporator
Nearest port for product export
ningbo, shanghai
Delivery clauses under the trade mode
Acceptable payment methods
T/T, L/C
Export mode
Have the independent export and import right
update time
Tue, 26 Jul 2016 11:47:25 GMT


  • Type Refrigerator Parts

  • Condition New

  • material aluminum

  • color black, white, gray, blue

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order500 piece


We have professional engineer to check the drawings of roll bond evaporator.


------ Specifications

Roll bond evaporator is made up by two pieces of printed aluminum plates through the crafts contain reunite,roll and blow bulge.

1) Size can up to width 590mm, length 2100mm,thickness of finished plate1.2-1.8mm

2) Surface treatment: No treatment or Powder coating;

3) Inner quality:No leakage.It can meet the requirements of inner cleanliness of CFC refrigerating medium and non-CFC refrigerating medium.

4) We can produce according to the drawings or samples provided by you, also we can help you design and produce different models of roll bond evaporator.

------ Packing

aluminum freezer evaporator

------ Expositions